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Qwerty's Bosses and Items
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This mod adds whatever I feel like adding. I generally try to make the content I add feel unique.
I have a forum page and discord server for the mod where you can read up on the content, leave suggestions, or report bugs
Also working on a wiki

-8 bosses with custom AI!
-A new sky fortress biome/strucutre with randomised layouts, and new enemeis with custom AI!
-A new event the dino militia!
-8 new accesory prefixes!
-over 400 items total! including...
-many new armor sets all with unique effects
-LOADS of cool and unique weapons!

I'm not that good of a spriter so here I'll give thanks to the spriters who helped!
-Liquidated Assets

Extra thanks
-Turquiose (for writing custom themes)
-musicman (polar exterminator theme)
-Kerdo (Russian Translations)
-Cerberus (Chinese Translations)

-new world gen for the polar exterminator's den
-the polar exterminator fight has been overhauled

-nerfed divine hail knife, damage 15->13, useTime 4->5, and is a little less acurrate
-the frenzied quick morph prefix now only reduces cooldown by 25% instead of 50%
-adjusted biomass's ammo creation rate
-Imperial courage buff attack speed bonus reduced 35%->25%
-EoC shift no longer resets iFrames when bouncing and has 15% droppoff for each enemy hit
-nerfed vitalum armor... a lot

-fixed traveling merchant never selling morph gem
-fixed anvil morph dealing damage when sitting on the ground
-fixed spazzer's eye not bouncing off tiles

-fixed severe bug where mod wouldn't be able to create a server

-fixed severe bug that caused the mod not to load when 'classic Impererious' sprite setting was enabled
-tops now inflict more iFrames 10->20
-reduced nano dart's nano probe damage 50%->40%
-longsword staff damage reduced 22->19 (It was better than the f*cking xeno staff)

-rhuthinium vaporizer mana cost 12->8, damage 19 -> 35, knockback 0-> 0.5
-beak javelin damage 110->100
-fixed Imperious being vulnerable to projectiles with static immunity
-fixed bug where reloading the mod multiple times could cause Ancient Machine, Imperious, and Hydra's loot pools to repeat

-reduced the fire rate of space fighter 3aps->2aps
-homing weapons like miniond won't attack high priests at full health, anfd thus potentially anger them unintentionally
-fixed boss checklist loot table for divine light displaying restless sun twice and not diving hail knife
-reduced fire rate of glass helm's glass prism
-ancient gemstone no longere halves max life, healing effect is now requires 10 seconds of avoiding damage, and heals an amount equal to half the damage recieved from the previus attack instead of fully healing
-reduced the cost of rhuthinium bars 6->3 ore

-hydra beam attack rate reduced 12hps->5hps, doesn't pierce through tiles below the player
-hydra javeling damage reduced 40->35
-hydra head staff damage reduced 30->28, will now stop firing when the player stops attacking
-hydrator fishing power reduced 30%->10%
-fire hydrent's breath now does 40% of the spear's damage intstead of 50%
-hydra missile rod's spitting heads now do 60% of the damage of the head the came from instead of 80%

-tweaked longsword minion's ai a bit
-glass spike, cobalt shuriken, frostburn staff, and sliding penguins now use static immunity

-added shape shift: S.S. Hurricane

-some resprites for O.L.O.R.D. items (thanks Olive)
-fixed the classic noehtnap sprite setting preventing the mod from loading
-fixed morph defense not working

-fixed vitalum headress and vitalum jeans adding 90% damage instead of 9% damage

-fixed every npc dropping the new duke fishron weapons in normal mode

-added some duke fishron drops
--added whirlpool
--added cyclone
--added bubble brewer baton

-added venom dart
-added nano dart
-rhuithinium dart damage reduced 11->7

-tops now use static immunity

-fixed bug where every empty slot in a shadow chest could be filled with an ash fell staff

-overhauled Rune ghost boss fight
--all the runes now have new animations when being drawn in
--All runes have had thier behavior tweaked, aggro runes got completely reworked
--fixed 'bug' where in multiplayer all runes were spawned client side, now only ice runes spawn clinet side as an inteded feature
--rune ghost is now less vulnerable to kiting

-rebalnced rune scrolls, leech scroll used to be absolutely busted while the others mostly useless
-leech scroll's rate of spawning runes is fixed instead of scaling on dps. You can consider this adding 100 base dps to your ranged attacks and 1hp/s healing
-aggro scroll has been completely cahnged just like the aggro runes themselves.
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